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What is Oshkosh Music: We are a free online resource for musicians, venues and event promoters for the promotion of original music in Oshkosh, WI. The site serves as a central hub for Oshkosh area bands, venues and events.

Super thanks to the glorious sponsor of this site:¬† We’ll get to working on this later April 2018

Some things: We host the annual Water City Racket Fest in February (2019 is set for Feb 14-16) as well as serve as the lead promoter for Independent Racket Nights Рa Thursday early eve original music series hosted by 4 rotating venues and featuring 18 bands. We also host a low-power FM radio show (Racket Fest Radio) on WOCT 101.9fm.

Faceland: We’re there too – lots of event and band info and promotion at www.facebook.com/oshkoshmusic.

Who we are: Oshkosh Music / Racket Fest is a project of the Oshkosh Independent. If you like this site, Independent news, and all of that good stuff, maybe consider subscribing to the Oshkosh Independent Magazine – less than $25 for a year for a super-nice print magazine delivered right to your door (mail box actually).

More of who we are (or should be): Lots of good folks have helped create and sustain a vibrant music community, including many not currently listed on this site. If you don’t see someone or thing that you think should be here, please let them know. Bands, venues and event promoters can have a free account, but they need to ask.

Here’s a look at a few of our shows (header image Noell Kaylene, Salon Rock 2018, photo by Anthony Montalvo):

Spy vs Spy, Racket Fest 2018 (Algoma Club), by Mandy Mitchell

Redhawks, Racket Fest 2018 (Algoma Club), by Northern Mantle

Redshift Headlights, Racket Fest 2018 (Algoma Club), by Mandy Mitchell

Horace Greene, Salon Rock Preview show 2018, by Anthony Montalvo

Haunted Heads acoustic, Salon Rock Preview show 2018, by Anthony Montalvo